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Why Invest in Electromed
  • Electromed addresses the significantly underpenetrated and growing bronchiectasis market, and is the only publicly-traded "pure play" on this theme.
  • An aging population and increasing patient and physician awareness of the benefits of High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation ("HFCWO") therapy continue to drive industry growth.
  • SmartVest®, Electromed's innovative HFCWO device, leads the way in features designed to improve patient comfort and compliance with prescribed treatment schedules.
  • Electromed provides unparalleled patient care and reimbursement support.
  • Electromed's differentiated direct-to-patient distribution model drives high gross margins, positive operating cash flow and profitability.
  • Proven and focused management team driven to serve the patient, physician and payer, while creating value for shareholders.
  • Strong organic growth track record and compelling growth strategy.

Corporate Strategy

  • Increase referrals in largest, fastest growing segment: adult pulmonology / bronchiectasis
  • Increase sales team productivity
  • Enhance reimbursement support to provide best-in-class customer care
  • Expand and promulgate the body of clinical evidence to increase utilization of SmartVest for patients with bronchiectasis
  • Continue to develop innovative device features that appeal to patients
  • Grow institutional market share to support home care growth

Vision: Improve quality of life for a greater number of patients with compromised pulmonary function and reduce overall healthcare utilization through therapy with SmartVest® Airway Clearance System.